Artistic Statement

I am a photographer of the built environment and social interaction. I focus primarily on parkour, a method of moving around the city through new and efficient means. Practitioners challenge their minds and bodies in creating freedom of movement; paths defined by city planners are erased and an Escher-like playground is established, presenting and re- presenting unique ways of using our living, social and commercial spaces.


Permanent collection: The Public

Solo exhibition: Reading Room, Manchester (October 2012 to present)

Solo exhibition: The Public (February to May 2012)

The Gathering, Diemar /Noble (March 2012)

Solo exhibition: Hereford Photography Festival (October/November 2011)

Black and White; Claire Galleries, Birmingham (March/April 2007)

Inspired Art Fair; Christ Church Spitalfields, London (December 2006)

Winner of Hidden London; IAF Photographic Challenge (November 2006)

Building Blocks; South London Gallery (October 2006)

The Good Life: New Public Spaces For Recreation; Van Alen Institute, New York(September/October, 2006)


March 2012
Commissioned by Hudson and Wright to produce parkour photographs for Dairy Crest for use in their internal communications. View.

November 2010
Commissioned by Eurostar to photograph Johnny ‘Sticky’ Budden, one of Europe’s foremost parkour practitioners, in central Paris. Photographs were used on the cover of the December edition of Metropolitan magazine. View.

June and July 2010
Commissioned by Yota, a Russian telecommunications company, to lead a team to Managua, Nicaragua for a product launch. I researched locations and coordinated a team of athletes from Parkour Generations, a group of highly regarded professional athletes with whom I work regularly. I produced photography and brought in film-maker Julie Angel to create a series of three viral videos. Parkour Generations ran two successful workshops despite the city having never experienced the art before.

July 2009
Commissioned by German technology Native Instruments as part of an advertising campaign for new DJ equipment.

August 2008
Commissioned by The Vast Agency to shoot parkour at night for London fashion label Griffin. View.

April/May 2008
High fashion commission by European magazine Stern (circulation 1.07 million per month) to photograph four of the art’s originators in Paris. Clothing labels included Yves Saint Lauren, Daniel Hechter, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, and Georgio Armani. I selected the athletes and chose 6 locations around Paris for the two day shoot. View.

June 2006
Commissioned by New York fashion label Ecko Unlimited for a look-book. Three days photographing on the streets of London, Paris and New York.

April and May 2005
Chosen as the subject of Canon advertorial film, The Shot, released on television and in cinemas throughout Europe. Filming and photographing took place on the roof of the London School of Economics and the streets around Elephant and Castle. View on YouTube. December 2004
Joint commission from Eidos and Adidas to provide images for the Freerunning game released for the Playstation 2.


January 2012
Development Researcher on the Channel 4 documentary Daredevils; Life on the Edge at television production company Christie HQ.

November to December 2011
Location Manager at ITV for a short parkour film featuring Sebastien Foucan, one of parkour’s originators and star of Dancing On Ice.

July and August 2011
Assistant Producer on Channel 4 architecture documentary The Secret Life of Buildings at television production company Renegade Pictures.

May and June 2011
Researcher on ground-breaking Channel 4 documentary Concrete Circus at Renegade Pictures.

March 2009
Development Researcher on Jump World (not commissioned) at Carbon Media.

December 2004 and January 2005
Assistant Producer for Carbon Media creating a parkour advert for Canadian mobile phone network Rogers.

August 2004 to December 2004
Researcher for Carbon Media, producing the Channel 4 documentary Jump Britain, broadcast January 2005. Production photographer, producing images used for publicity, including the iconic jump between the two halves of the Millennium Stadium roof.

April 2003 to January 2007
Assistant film producer/director for parkour company Urban Freeflow working on numerous documentary and performance films.

Teaching and Lecturing

March 2012
Taught Movement and Dance Photography short course at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. Students focused initially on capturing movement before exploring the studio and outdoor locations.

October 2010
Invited to present my work and discuss my methodologies at The Politics of Parkour: Transnationalism, Youth and Social Policy, a symposium hosted by the University of Brighton, funded by the British Academy.

Spring 2010
Taught a five week course at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London on photographing dance and movement. I modified the syllabus to focus on my interest in performing in an urban environment and included aspects of parkour.

November 2007
Invited to speak and present my work at Flow Finland, an international gathering of leading parkour practitioners.

October 2006
Guest lecturer at a gathering of the Architecture Crew, a youth project in east London.

September 2006
Invited to speak and present my work at the exhibition launch of Building Blocks at South London Gallery.


December 2010
Self-publication of The Moments Between, the first parkour coffee table book. More than 200 photographs are accompanied by 8,000 words describing my journey through Italy in a 1976 Citroën 2CV with two of the world’s leading parkour practitioners.

January 2009
Provided 26 images of the 31 photographs used (including the front cover) for The Parkour and Free Running Handbook. This is the world’s first guide to the sport and was published in conjunction with Parkour Generations.

July 2008
Photographs used by Sebastien Foucan, one of parkour’s originators, in his book Freerunning; Find Your Way.

May 2005 to January 2006
Subject of various Canon printed adverts in industry press, including Wallpaper* magazine and Hotshoe magazine.

Notable Publications
Regular contributions to Spiked, the world’s first dedicated parkour magazine; images featured in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Digital Camera Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Zoo, Front, Stuff, Stranger, Urban Climber (USA), Desc Pera (Poland), Aygo (Europe), Men’s FItness (USA), Inside: Australian Design Review, Cosmo Girl (USA), Playboy (USA). Various other magazines and educational books.

Career Highlights

January 2012
A fortnight spent documenting Bangkok’s fledgling parkour community, photographing and training with local practitioners and exploring the city with three of Asia’s foremost athletes.

May 2011 and May 2012
Invited to photograph, present my work, and teach rock climbing at American Rendezvous, the USA’s largest gathering of parkour practitioners.

January and February 2011
Five weeks spent travelling across India on motorbikes kindly loaned to us by Royal Enfield. Renowned parkour practitioner Thomas Couetdic and I visited Chennai’s burgeoning parkour community before spending time amongst the rocks and temples of Hampi and then riding to Mumbai.

October 2009
After two years of research and visits to various housing estates, I publish two online galleries of work focusing on London’s Brutalist architecture. Parkour Generations athletes feature throughout, most prominently French traceur Thomas Couetdic whose love of climbing is explored during the final visit to the Brownfields Estate in east London.

December 2008
Granted access to the roof terraces of Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank in order to photograph Parkour Generations athletes in preparation for an international training seminar.

September 2008
Invited to France to photograph some of the sport’s originators training in forests amongst the Parisian suburbs, as well as the streets of the city itself.

July 2008
Invited to Evry, France, by some of the sport’s originators to photograph an international gathering of practitioners in the town where parkour was first practised.

June 2008
Invited by two of the world’s leading practitioners to photograph their three week parkour roadtrip around Italy in a 1976 Citroën 2CV.

June 2007
Various photographs on display at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London) for the premiere of Jump Westminster, an hour long film documenting the success of parkour as a means of engaging with young people in deprived areas of London. Directed by colleague and close friend Julie Angel:

January 2007 to Present
Photographer with Parkour Generations. I contribute towards visual identity and marketing.

June 2005
Various photographs used as posters on set in Anthony Minghella’s film Breaking and Entering.

May 2005
Photograph used by Adidas for point-of-sale advertising in stores across Europe for 3 months.

April 2004
Photograph used by Adidas for point-of-sale display in 250 stores in Europe and ad-shels in UK.

April 2003 to January 2007
Photographer for Urban Freeflow, then the world’s foremost free running organisation. I provided Urban Freeflow with hundreds of images, contributing towards visual identity and marketing. Also web administrator and assistant film producer/director.

May 2001
First camera.