Movement and Dance Photography Course, Central Saint Martins

24th - 28th March 2014

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This course focuses on two things: capturing the spirit and energy of movement through parkour (free running) and dance; and contextualising that movement in the urban environment. Essentially a practical course, it equips photographers with the knowledge and skills to plan and execute their own shoot featuring artistic, physical movement.

In addition it helps students to develop an eye for placing the human body within the architecture that surrounds us through composition and an introduction to some of the academic theory that discusses space, architecture and the body.

Shooting will be on location and in the studio. Students will work with professional dancers and parkour athletes, seeking to capture both improvised and choreographed movements. The course is geared towards digital users and the final session will be spent developing techniques for processing RAW files and producing images that are ready for fine art digital printing.

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